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Accumulate marketing data in BI-dashboardsIncrease effectiveness of your adsMake better business decisions
thanks to our comprehensive platform
Accumulate marketing data in BI-dashboards, increase effectiveness of your ads and make better business decisions thanks to our comprehensive platform
Over 40 000 customers, including
Control all of your marketing through a single app

Collect data from your websites, ad platforms and CRMs in clear and concise dashboards to quickly react to market changes and create effective advertising plans. All integrations are free of charge and take just two clicks to set up

All marketing budget
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Social media ads
  • Manual input of budget
All deals
  • Manual input of deals
  • Transactions from your website
  • 80+ out-of-the-box integrations
  • API
  • Webhooks
All leads
  • Из Calls
  • Forms on your website
  • Callbacks
  • Online orders
  • Online chats
All revenue
  • from CRM
  • from Website
Don't lose any of your data

Track all of your conversions: web forms, calls, leads from social media, chats and shopping carts — to build a complete sales funnel from ad impressions to ROI

Thanks to our call tracking technology, we guarantee at least 96% accuracy in matching calls to their sources

Break free from manually creating reports

Create the reports you need in just two clicks by simply changing the nesting, sets of metrics and choosing the desired period

Optimize your Google Ads campaigns

Stay on top of your Google Ads campaigns. Take advantage of keyword optimization so you don't waste budget on keywords that do not work

Use flexible tools to make the right decisions

Analyze all the marketing activity of your business down to a keyword — all in one place

Create personal offers and increase conversion

Use smart widgets to increase call and lead conversion on your website. Notify managers with detailed information about returning clients

Improve your sales funnel at every stage to get more results

For Marketing Experts
Make smart decisions about optimizing ad campaigns, increase conversion rate, track KPIs and have all the necessary reports at your fingertips
For СЕОs
Get complete insight on the budget allocation and the effectiveness of marketing and sales departments
For Sales Managers
Monitor call quality to provide managers with winning sales scripts
End-to-End Analytics
Call Tracking
Web Form Tracking
Sales Funnel
KPI Tracking
Call Tagging
Smart Widgets
Calls Journal
Post-View Analytics
Mini CRM

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